Looking for care for an elderly loved one but don’t like the idea of a care home?

Consider Live in Care with us, available in the central belt of Scotland


As our loved ones age, frailty, conditions like dementia, as well as feelings of loneliness and isolation, can be a real cause for concern.

Our Live-In care service is a real alternative for those who don’t like the idea of a care home. Unlike care homes, where staff may have to care for up to eight residents, our Live-In Care Service provides highly personalised, one-to-one care. This supports our clients to have better health outcomes whilst remaining safe and secure in their very own home.

We have been providing exceptional care services since 2002, giving our clients and their loved ones, complete peace of mind.

Our live in care service is available in the central belt of Scotland, with most of our care provided in Edinburgh & Glasgow.



How does Live-In Care compare to a care home?

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Benefits of Live-In Care

  • Attentive, highly personalised care unrivalled by care homes. It’s not uncommon to see one care worker looking after as many as eight residents in care home settings. Our Live-In care service provide one-to-one care at all times.

  • Evidence shows that elderly people are happier and have better health outcomes if they are able to remain safe in their own homes for as long as possible. Its not uncommon to see loved ones’ health decline when they are taken out of their home, their routines and their community. 

  • Consistent companionship and excellent continuity of care. Our clients have a small number of regular carers.

  • Married couples and partners get to stay together. With prices comparable to that of a care home for individuals and often cheaper in the case of caring for a couple.

  • No separation from much-loved pets.

  • Our Live-In care service is based on maintaining our clients’ regular habits and routines, including social visits and hobbies, all in the familiar setting of their own home.

  • Unlike the ridged schedules required in a care home, getting up and going to bed, meals, showering and bathing, and other routines are all based on the needs of our clients - they set the agenda.

  • As social beings, connections with family, friends and the community are incredibly important. Live-In care supports the maintenance of links with networks and communities. This can include: social visits, attending appointments, shopping, clubs, and planning activities that are of specific interest to our clients.

  • Avoids the stress of having to potentially sell the family home.


The different elements of our Live-In Care Service

We have combined excellent care delivery with the latest technology to create Beyond Homecare’s  Live-In Care Service. This new service is a real alternative for those seeking extra support. Unlike residential care, our Live-In Care service provides customers with one-on-one, personalised 24-hour support within the comfort of their own home. This is an important distinction because evidence shows that elderly people are happier and have better health outcomes if they are able to remain safe in their own homes for as long as possible.

With prices comparable to that of a care home for individuals and often cheaper in the case of caring for a couple, Live-in care is fast becoming the preferred choice.

Each of our Live-in Care packages are as individual as the people we care for. The level of care required is assessed by our specialist care team, creating a personal support plan designed to consider individuals' likes and dislikes, any hobbies or interests, the level of care and support required, plus any specialist care. This entire process is focused on promoting and maintaining the highest levels of independence, health and well-being.


Specialist Care
This is an excellent option for individuals with complex needs and conditions. We employ a range of skilled professional carers with expertise and experience in caring for multiple conditions, diseases and ailments which include: Dementia, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Rehabilitation and End of Life Care.

Short-Term and Respite Care
Our respite care service provides family members the vital space they need to have time to recharge their batteries from caring roles. Some decide to take a short holiday with friends or relatives. For others, this respite may provide the time they need to help organise or attend to personal commitments. We can provide short-term or respite care from a minimum of 3 days. Our fully trained care professionals will provide around the clock care and support tailored for our clients’ needs and preferences.

Companionship and Domestic Care
Our service helps to maintain connections with family, friends and the community, enabling our clients to continue their hobbies and interests. We ensure the home environment is clean, organised, safe and comfortable. This is achieved by helping with a wide range of domestic tasks including: cooking, laundry, gardening and shopping, as well as helping with general administration of bills and keeping appointments.

Personal Care and Support
This includes support with getting up and going to bed, mobility, personal hygiene, continence care, dressing, and where required, help taking medication. With one-to-one, long-term carers, the aspect of personal care is less daunting, as a trusting relationship is created between client and carer. We help to maintain a healthy, balanced diet, providing freshly prepared home-cooked meals.

Technology and Quality Care, Perfectly combined


Since 2002, Beyond Homecare has been providing quality care at home services in Scotland, helping hundreds of people to remain at home, delaying, or often eliminating the need for residential care. Evidence shows that Elderly people are happier and have better health outcomes if they are able to remain safe in their own homes for as long as possible. We believe that the best outcomes are achieved by combining good care with the right technology. We are proud to be the first company in Scotland to introduce the Nursebuddy care management system, with its many benefits.


Key Benefits

  • Advanced health sensors enabling continuous home health monitoring - a revolution in homecare, never been done before in Scotland.

  • Live access, anywhere in the world to your loved ones care information through our Nursebuddy system, offering total transparency.

  • Shape your loved ones care, even if you live miles away.

This offer is limited to just 10 clients.
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The first 10 clients to join the service will benefit from:

  • An initial assessment conducted within 48 hours 

  • No set-up fee (normally £300) 

  • Exclusive access to our real-time NurseBuddy care management system, which includes the option to connect to advanced home health monitoring

Dad was lost without mum. We really didn’t know what to do, we were so worried. Mum did everything for him. Beyond Homecare’s service provides him with companionship, three square meals a day and a continued social life through accompanied visits to his various clubs. My brother and I have total peace of mind that dad is safe in the place he loves the most - his home he shared with our mother for 43 years.
— Pauline, Beyond Homecare Customer
All of the staff at Beyond Homecare are the kindest, most professional team that I have ever come across. Their people skills are second to none, and have turned my parents lives around with their “can do” attitude. Nothing seems any trouble, even dealing with difficult situations.
— Matthew, Son of a Family Member

Homecare Superheroes!


We call our staff homecare superheroes in recognition of the amazing work they do. All staff are employed directly by us, we don’t use self-employed or subcontracted carers to provide our services. We hold our service and staff accountable to the highest quality and regulatory standards. This includes compliance with the Scottish Care Inspectorate and the Scottish Social Services Council.


All staff:

  • Are paid above industry average allowing us to attract and retain high-quality employees, providing you with continuity of care.

  • Complete a 13-week induction training programme.

  • Are required to work towards a recognised Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) award.

  • Have regular quality checks and supervision.

  • Are required to register with the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC)

  • Have passed rigorous criminal records checks.

To maintain the highest levels of quality, we are limiting access to this service to just 10 clients.