Home Care for Elderly in their Own Homes


Looking for the best care option for your elderly parents? Live-in care, or home care for the elderly in their own homes, is one of the best ways to help your loved ones hold on to their independence while receiving personalised and one-to-one care from a professional. Beyond Homecare want to provide you with a simple and professional service to ensure your family get the care you need. We have been providing companionship and support through our services since 2002, giving our clients and their families some fantastic peace of mind.


What is Home Care for Elderly?

Many individuals don’t like the idea of a care home. A care home can remove some degree of independence and can be uncomfortable for those who do not like change, or who do not want to leave their own home.

If your own elderly parents feel they would be safer, secure and comfortable in their own home, we can help make this happen. Having a live-in carer to provide home care for elderly in their own homes will help to prevent feelings of loneliness and isolation and ensure the care provided is individual, tailored and personal.

Why Choose Live-In Care?

There are so many reasons to consider live in home care for elderly parents and loved ones. In-home care for elderly encompasses a broad range of different services and responsibilities, which can provide certain benefits which you may not get in a care home or with visiting care.

The Advantages of Home Care for Elderly in their Own Homes

  • Opting for a live-in carer is one of the best options for elderly individuals or couples who may need around the clock, 24/7 care. A carer will be on hand to help with every need throughout the days and night.

  • When it comes to home care, there is often a single live-in carer, or possibly two if they care for the individual(s) on a rota basis. The benefit here, is that even if there is more than one carer, you can provide consistency for your elderly parents. This is vital for care, especially with elderly who suffer with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

  • It is a well-known fact that loneliness and isolation are two of the biggest causes of mental health problems for the elderly. Having a live-in carer and provide the companionship that our elderly friends and relatives need to be happy, healthy and comfortable.

  • Although many options for care will help with personal care tasks such as washing and dressing, a live-in career can assist with all aspects of life. This can include helping to look after a pet, cooking and housework. This can help the individual to continue with the same routines and lifestyle.

  • Being able to provide home care for elderly in their own homes means the person or persons can remain in the environment where they are most comfortable, and maintain relationship with neighbours and friends. With care homes, individuals are more often than not relocated and this can cause havoc with social activities.

  • One of the biggest benefits when it comes to elderly parents or couples, is that it can often cost less for couples to stay together. In a care home, they may need to be split up and offered separate accommodation due to different care requirements. This need not happen with a live-in carer.

  • For many elderly, having a pet is a great form of companionship, and unfortunately care homes do not often accept pets. Home care ensures both pet and owner can stay together.

  • Another hugely important factor is that it provides more reassurance for families to have a live-in carer in the home. Families do not need to worry about their parents or relatives, and therefore less strain will be put on relationships. In situations where the child must look after the parent, it can cause tension as the relationship has been altered. This can be avoided with home care for elderly in their own homes.


Choose a Managed Service

If you think that Live In Care could be right for you or your family member, then we think our managed service is the best option. With this kind of service, you can rest assured that the above benefits will be experienced, and that the carer will have received exceptional standards of training and background checks.

With a service like this, you do not need to worry about finding someone to look after yourself or your family when the career is on holiday or ill, as we can find a perfect replacement for you.

It may even be possible to find a carer with similar interests and hobbies as the individual, helping to build bonds and trusting relationships.

Considerations for Home Care

For individuals who are considering opting for Our Services, you need to take a few things into consideration first.

  • A live-in carer will need to be provided with a room of their own and basic amenities will need to be provided. Not everyone has the space or facilities for a live-in care worker.

  • As mentioned above, it is essential that the carer is provided with holidays and breaks, so there may be some disruption. Although, with Beyond Homecare we can help to manage this so that the continuity of care is not broken.

Providing Home Care for Elderly in their Own Homes

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