Support for the Elderly in Their Own Home Funding 

There are currently three payment options available to customers looking to contract care services in Scotland with Beyond Homecare:

1.     Privately Funded 24 Hour Live In Care

2.     Local Authority Commissioned Care

3.     Directed Payments

Privately Funded Live In Care

This option is available for anyone looking to fund their own care or that of a loved one. In all cases we will arrange an initial assessment to identify the needs of the person requiring care, working directly with them and others where necessary to create a tailored package of care.

Local Authority Commissioned Care

We currently provide commissioned care services on behalf of East Lothian Council. Eligibility for funding is assessed and handled by the Council’s adult social care team, whom you can contact directly on 01875 824 309.

Direct Payments

Care and support in the past would have been provided directly from your local Council. However, Direct Payments were introduced to give people more choice and control over how their care and support was arranged, to help them live more independently.

For those who are eligible, a Direct Payment is paid to you by the Council so that you can decide how you want to meet your care and support needs. There are many other ways direct payments can be used to provide you with more control and more choice over your care.