Bringing our values to life: announcing our new Feedback Programme

Among our key values at Beyond Homecare are to ‘find a better way’ and ‘continue to learn and grow, everyday’. To bring our values to life, we are delighted to announce the launch of our Feedback Programme in 2017.

The Feedback Programme aims to amplify the voices of our customers and our Homecare Superheroes (that’s what we call our amazing staff). This will help us to know when we get things right and when we need to work harder to deliver our high standards.

The Feedback Programme gets underway in January and will be managed and delivered by Pamoja, a company that specialises in supporting organisations to learn and improve.

All customers will be invited to take part during an initial phone call. Should they wish to add their voice to the Feedback Programme, they will be called each quarter and asked questions designed to build a rich picture of their experience of the services we provide.

Our Homecare Superheroes will be called monthly and invited to add their voice, ensuring their ‘frontline’ experience is heard and valued. Additionally, all Homecare Superheroes can complete an anonymous feedback form, at any time.

As we are serious about learning and improving, we will use the information generated by the Feedback Programme to ‘find a better way’ when necessary and communicate the findings and, importantly, what we are going to do differently, in our regular customer and Homecare Superhero newsletters.