A rewarding career: opportunities and job satisfaction

Blog by Lauren Edmond, Graduate Management Trainee

Many of us aspire to have a job where you come home at the end of the day and can honestly say ‘today I made a difference’.

Since I was little I always knew that I wanted to help people, I just did not know what this would look like. My keen interest in understanding human behaviour led me to university where I studied a BSc in Psychology. Throughout this time, I worked in a building society where the customer base was predominantly pre/post retirement.

I found myself in the depths of my honours year at university still without a clear idea of what I wanted to do once I had graduated, the endless job searching began. I scrolled through hundreds (no exaggeration!) of graduate schemes and nothing got me excited. Looking for a way to filter the advertisements, I searched for East Lothian so that I could see if there were any local jobs going. Much to my surprise a graduate scheme was advertised in my home town, Tranent, with the caption ‘Health and Social Care’.

As I was reading through the job description, I was thinking ‘this is fab’, I understood that there would be long hours and it was going to be a challenge but this was right up my street. As I got further down the details, a sentence in block capitals stood out to me IF YOU’RE STILL READING THEN THIS JOB MAY BE EXACTLY FOR YOU. It was like a eureka moment, I thought ‘this job sounds like it was made for me’. Suddenly the job search stopped and my emails to the company began.

Once I had finished my university course I started undertaking both care and office experience with beyond homecare before I graduated. I was out in the community providing care. I can honestly say that I have never experienced such a rewarding notion in my life, it was different from any kind of gratification I had felt throughout my academic schooling. I’m not going to make it all smell like roses, I found it tough, never having any care experience meant that I had to pick up everything from scratch. I was very nervous whenever I had to enter a client’s house for the first time, worrying that I was going to get everything done in the correct manner. However, the support I received from my colleagues was incredible, my training was thorough and I felt like I had entered in to a new type of family.

Providing support in the office gave me a chance to see the company from both sides, I understand the struggles and needs of a carer whilst also seeing business needs. I feel like this has been essential to my development as a management trainee and I’m very excited for my future at beyond homecare.