A rewarding career: opportunities and job satisfaction

Blog by Lauren Edmond, Graduate Management Trainee

Many of us aspire to have a job where you come home at the end of the day and can honestly say ‘today I made a difference’.

Since I was little I always knew that I wanted to help people, I just did not know what this would look like. My keen interest in understanding human behaviour led me to university where I studied a BSc in Psychology. Throughout this time, I worked in a building society where the customer base was predominantly pre/post retirement.

I found myself in the depths of my honours year at university still without a clear idea of what I wanted to do once I had graduated, the endless job searching began. I scrolled through hundreds (no exaggeration!) of graduate schemes and nothing got me excited. Looking for a way to filter the advertisements, I searched for East Lothian so that I could see if there were any local jobs going. Much to my surprise a graduate scheme was advertised in my home town, Tranent, with the caption ‘Health and Social Care’.

As I was reading through the job description, I was thinking ‘this is fab’, I understood that there would be long hours and it was going to be a challenge but this was right up my street. As I got further down the details, a sentence in block capitals stood out to me IF YOU’RE STILL READING THEN THIS JOB MAY BE EXACTLY FOR YOU. It was like a eureka moment, I thought ‘this job sounds like it was made for me’. Suddenly the job search stopped and my emails to the company began.

Once I had finished my university course I started undertaking both care and office experience with beyond homecare before I graduated. I was out in the community providing care. I can honestly say that I have never experienced such a rewarding notion in my life, it was different from any kind of gratification I had felt throughout my academic schooling. I’m not going to make it all smell like roses, I found it tough, never having any care experience meant that I had to pick up everything from scratch. I was very nervous whenever I had to enter a client’s house for the first time, worrying that I was going to get everything done in the correct manner. However, the support I received from my colleagues was incredible, my training was thorough and I felt like I had entered in to a new type of family.

Providing support in the office gave me a chance to see the company from both sides, I understand the struggles and needs of a carer whilst also seeing business needs. I feel like this has been essential to my development as a management trainee and I’m very excited for my future at beyond homecare.

Bringing our values to life: announcing our new Feedback Programme

Among our key values at Beyond Homecare are to ‘find a better way’ and ‘continue to learn and grow, everyday’. To bring our values to life, we are delighted to announce the launch of our Feedback Programme in 2017.

The Feedback Programme aims to amplify the voices of our customers and our Homecare Superheroes (that’s what we call our amazing staff). This will help us to know when we get things right and when we need to work harder to deliver our high standards.

The Feedback Programme gets underway in January and will be managed and delivered by Pamoja, a company that specialises in supporting organisations to learn and improve.

All customers will be invited to take part during an initial phone call. Should they wish to add their voice to the Feedback Programme, they will be called each quarter and asked questions designed to build a rich picture of their experience of the services we provide.

Our Homecare Superheroes will be called monthly and invited to add their voice, ensuring their ‘frontline’ experience is heard and valued. Additionally, all Homecare Superheroes can complete an anonymous feedback form, at any time.

As we are serious about learning and improving, we will use the information generated by the Feedback Programme to ‘find a better way’ when necessary and communicate the findings and, importantly, what we are going to do differently, in our regular customer and Homecare Superhero newsletters.


#Dementia: Is new drug a major breakthrough?

LMTX slows Alzheimer's progression - but it doesn't work on everyone and experts are urging caution


A new drug appears to slow down the progression of Alzheimer's disease – but only in certain cases.

Some scientists have hailed the results of the trial as a major breakthrough in a field that has seen little advancement in decades, but others are far more sceptical.

What is it and how does it work?

LMTX is taken twice a day in tablet form. In the trial, it was used to treat 891 patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer's for 18 months, with the results presented at a conference in Toronto, Canada.

It is the first time a major drug trial has targeted tau tangles – abnormal clumps of protein that disrupt brain function – instead of beta-amyloid, a different type of protein that forms plaques as it accumulates in the brain, the New Scientist reports.

"The success of the LMTX trial suggests that tau tangles might be the main cause of Alzheimer's symptoms," it says.

How successful is it?

Overall, the trial was a flop as there appeared to be no benefit to taking LMTX, says the BBC's health and science correspondent, James Gallagher.

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